How To Crochet The Rice Stitch

The rice stitch is a lovely textured crochet stitch with exceptional styling. Combining front post and back post stitches, the rice stitch works up super fast and does not require much effort.

This technique is more look-alike to the mini weave or the dense stitch. However, it has much more complex design, so you will not mess it up with any other crochet stitch.

If you are willing to practice a new stitch pattern then you are just in a wright place. Today on our blog, I’m going to share with you an almost perfect, one of my current time favorite tutorial on how to crochet the rice stitch.

There is no doubt you have worked on many stitch patterns, but I’m almost sure you have never ever seen such an extraordinary and unusual crochet stitch design before.

This stitch design and tutorial was created by one of my favorite Hooked by Robin. Check out the blog here for more crochet patterns and tutorials.

The Rice Stitch Crochet Tutorial

If you are a new member of crochet family, you will need to learn and master as many stitch techniques as it’s possible. That is truly important if you consider yourself as a dedicated crocheter. Besides the fact you improve your skills, you also increase your imagination and creative view for your future projects.

As you already know, there are thousands of different crochet items. Most of them use some simple stitching methods, while some are much more complex and complicated and require higher skill level.

That’s why I’m always concentrated on practicing some new crochet stitches. For that simple reason, I’ve decided to bring you this gorgeous rice stitch crochet tutorial.

This is a very quick and easy to follow tutorial that will guide you through the whole process of learning the rice stitch technique.

Enjoy your time crocheting and always feel free to share your experience with us.

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