How To Crochet The Tunisian 3D Arrow Stitch

The 3D arrow stitch is one of those Tunisian crochet stitches everyone should try to master. This is a perfect technique for making scarfs, cardigans, blankets and so much more… I would like to take some of your time and talk about this beautiful stitch.

As gorgeous as this stitch is, it’s not the easiest one to learn. Complex and complicated styling with tight texture is what makes this 3D arrow stitch such a popular and beloved one for millions of crochet lovers.

Some of you and especially very beginners in crochet might think this stitch is too difficult for you. You are not skillful enough yet and will not be able to achieve this goal.

Fair enough, because as I have already mentioned it is not an easy technique to practice. However, with this fresh new, step-by-step tutorial by Claudetta Crochet, you are going to experience the simplest way of making this Tunisian arrow stitch.

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Tunisian 3D Arrow Stitch

Most of you already know that Tunisian crochet is a very special method of working with hooks. For many inexperienced people, it looks like knitting. But actually, it works like crochet. That’s why I love this approach so much. You are using a single hook, but you are also keeping all the stitches on that hook, just similar to knitting.

By using this technique you’re going to witness all the preciousness of Tunisian crochet and as a result, you get the crochet stitch as lovely and eye-catching as the knitting stitch.

Of course, this Tunisian 3D arrow crochet stitch is not an exception as well. Its texture is simply amazing. These little arrow-shaped stitches will fit perfectly with almost any project you decide to crochet. Even some small items like socks or mittens.

Enjoy your time crocheting and keep in mind how many different kind of projects you’ll be able to work up including hats, scarves, blouses, dresses, jackets and afghans or blankets.

So, let’s get down to tutorial and learn how to crochet this 3D arrow stitch in the best possible way.

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