How To Knit The Alternate Honeycomb Stitch

The alternate honeycomb stitch is a brand new stitch pattern everyone should learn how to knit. This is a completely new, modern design of a good old honeycomb stitch.

There are different variations of honeycomb and I’m almost sure most of them are already familiar to you. However, today I am going to present you with something really special and extraordinary.

As usual, crochet or knit stitches are created using some specific technique. Working routinely, repeating the same actions over and over again. Yes, almost all of them but not this one here.

In fact, this knitting stitch pattern is a combination of various techniques, that’s why it looks so beautiful. I want to be completely honest with you and admit that this is my favorite knitting stitch pattern I have worked with so far.

Take a quick look at this beautiful Leaf Stitch Knitting Pattern

Discovering The Alternate Honeycomb Stitch

A few days ago my daughter had some issues… she was complaining about her wardrobe saying she has nothing to wear for this season. As you might guess that is not actually true 🙂 However, I’ve decided to knit a jacket for her with a beautiful Caron cakes yarn I got this week.

Just to mention, I was going to use a leaf stitch pattern, but suddenly I discovered this lovely alternate honeycomb stitch. The gorgeous texture of this stitch made me change my mind and I went for it without any hesitation.

The result appears to be pretty awesome. I will try to share the photos of my jacket with you as soon as it is done. Until then let’s get down to business and learn how to knit the alternate honeycomb stitch in the best possible way.

You can use this stitch for making some unique and eye-catching projects such as hats, scarves, cardigans, baby sweaters, blankets, and so on. Hope you’ll love this knitting stitch as much as I do. good luck and enjoy yourself.

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