Pineapple Stitch Knitting Tutorial For Beginners

Pineapple stitch is a lovely and useful knitting pattern you should add to your favorite stitch collection. It has an undeniably special styling perfectly fitted for many different kinds of knitting projects.

Just like most knitting stitch patterns, this pineapple stitch requires some good skills and delicate handwork. As usual, when knitting turns into hard work you know it’s going to be something special.

Me being both crochet and knitting lover for the last nine years, I’ve discovered that knitting projects are probably a bit prettier and much more elegant than crochet items.

As I have already mentioned I love both of them. However, I always feel more excited when it is about knitting. Do not know exactly why but that is a fact.

Please feel free to share your opinion about this subject. Which is your favorite? crochet or knitting and why? I would love to hear your arguments about it.

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The Pineapple Knitting Stitch Overview…

The pineapple stitch is a new pattern design revealed just about a few months ago. Soon after, this beautiful technique got its deserved love and popularity among thousands of knitting lovers.

There are already hundreds of knitting projects made by using this modern stitch pattern. You can go down and search for them, you will find a bunch of gorgeous items online.

That is probably the main reason I’ve decided to share this pineapple stitch knitting tutorial with you. Quick and detailed instructions will guide you through the whole process of learning.

As fascinating as this stitch looks, it is not the easiest one to practice. So, take your time, follow the step-by-step tutorial very patiently and try to make each and every stitch as it’s taught.

Enjoy your knitting time. Please, be kind and share your experience with your friends and dear ones.

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