Flower Square Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Flower square blanket is a quick and easy to work up crochet pattern just perfect for some very beginners. This free pattern includes some simple steps.

First, we will be making a beautiful eight-petal flower motif. Then combining some colorful squares and joining them together to create a blanket.

Flower square blankets are some of the easiest and enjoyable crochet patterns to work on. You can make as many squares as you wish, choose different colors for each square or add some design elements.

You also have an opportunity to use this square as a lovely coaster or a table runner, It is all about your imagination.

So, let’s get down to the pattern by NotikaLand and learn how to crochet a flower square blanket in the best way.

Enjoy your crocheting. Have fun and do not forget to share your opinion and experience with us and other crochet lovers in a comment section below.

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For this pattern, you will need a 2.7mm crochet hook (C/2 in USA size or 12 in Canada/UK size), yarn by YarnArt Begonia (optional), scissors, and a yarn needle.

Flower Motif Pattern:

Rnd 1: ch1, 8sc, sl st;

Rnd 2: (ch3 + 1dc inc) ch3, “(dc2tog, ch3)” x7. sl st;

Rnd 3: “3sc, ch4” x8. sl st;

Rnd 4: “1sc, ( 8dc )” x8. sl st;

Cut the yarn, finish.

Watch Video Tutorial Here…

Flower Square Pattern:

Rnd 5: (1sc, ch4, 1sc) (ch5, 1sc, ch5, 2sc, ch5, 1sc, ch5), “(1sc, ch4, 1sc) (ch5, 1sc, ch5, 2sc, ch5, 1sc, ch5)” x3. sl st;

Rnd 6: sl st, (ch3 + 3dc), ch3, 4dc, (ch6, 1sc, ch6), “(4dc, ch3, 4dc) (ch6, 1sc, ch6)” x3. sl st;

Rnd 7: 4sl st, ch1, “(1sc, ch6, 1sc) (ch7, 1sc, ch7, 1sc, ch7)” x4. sl st;

Hide the yarn, square done.

Watch Video Tutorial Here…

How To Join Flower Squares:

Rnd 8: 4sl st, ch1, 1sc, (ch3 + ch3) 1sc, (ch3 + ch4) 1sc, (ch3 + ch4) 1sc, (ch3 + ch4) 1sc, (ch3 + ch3) 1sc;

Rnd 9: (ch7,1sc, ch7, 1sc, ch7) “(1sc, ch6, 1sc) (ch7, 1sc, ch7, 1sc, ch7)” x2. sl st, 4sl st;

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